College Department

Course Offerings

BS Criminology

BS Education

BS Entrepreneurship

BS Customs Administration

Enrollment Procedure

Step 1

Go to the bulletin board where the subjects offered for first semester are posted. Make your own list of subjects to be taken.

Step 2

Present the following credentials to the Dean to secure registration form for enrolment.

          A. Clearance

          B. Updated curriculum checklist - for evaluation of your subjects and subjects to be taken for approval.

          C. Student's profile for clinic's medical record (form available at the Dean's Office).

Step 3

Accomplish properly the registration form.

Step 4

Present the duly accomplished registration form to the Dean for approval.

Step 5

Proceed to the Accounting Office for assessment of fees and payment.

Step 6

Proceed to the Registrar's Office for class cards.

Step 7

Return and present validated official receipt of payment to the Dean's Office for record purposes.

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